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Unseen forces round us move
battles rage above
enemies threaten harm
babies cry and will not soothe

worries clog our thoughts, our minds
What’s tomorrow hold?
Will I lose my job today
and land in a money bind?

Pandemic lies outside the door
Do we hide inside?
Will we lose our loved ones?
the fear we can’t abide

Some face a wasting away
each day brings with it pain
another limit to be faced
What more can anyone say?

These fears we face and many more
they were never ours to bear
release them, let them go
Quieter of the restless is at the door

Shhhh, He softly speaks to you
“Fear not, You’re safe with me.
Rest for now, I’m near to Ye’.”
your courage He’ll renew.

As you face the way ahead
remember who draws you near
the Quieter of the restless
the Savior who for you bled.

Copyright 2020 M.B. Mulln

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