Leviticus Chapter 4

Read Leviticus Chapter 4
1. What is required for a sin offering?

2. What do the following verses tell you about sin?
□ Psalm 32:1

□ Psalm 32:5

□ Mark 9:47

□ Proverbs 28:13

3. According to 1 John 1:9, what is the New Testament way to deal with sin?

4. What do you learn from these verses?
□ Romans 6:14

□ Romans 6:22

□ Romans 8:2

5. What sin is there in your life that you are allowing to go unconfessed. Ask the LORD to search your heart and reveal your sin to you. Keep short accounts with God. Be quick to turn to Him and confess your sins, so you might be restored to fellowship with God.

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Read Chapter 2
1. What are the requirements of a grain offering?

Read Chapter 3
2. What are the requirements of the peace offering?

3. What is prohibited in Leviticus 3:17?

For review of the Tabernacle and the furnishings, see Exodus – Preview of the TabernacleTabernacle Part 1 , Tabernacle Part 2, Tabernacle Part 3, Tabernacle Part 4, Tabernacle Part 5Tabernacle Part 6Tabernacle Part 7Tabernacle Part 8 .


Leviticus Chapter 1

If you are just joining us as we continue in the Words of His Mouth series of Bible Studies, we have already completed the books of Genesis and Exodus. You can find those studies by doing a search on this site. This post begins our study of Leviticus. But before we begin, a little review.

1. How many books are in the Bible?

2. What are the 5 divisions of the Old Testament?

3. In what division is the Book of Leviticus?

4. Who is the author of Leviticus?

The name “Leviticus” means “that which pertains to the Levites.” You may recall the tribe of Levi was to be the Priestly tribe, the tribe that was in charge of worship, and sacrifices. The book of Leviticus outlines the laws pertaining to sacrificial offerings. It also addresses some other issues related to holiness and living a holy life before God.

Read Chapter 1
5. What are the requirements of the burnt offering?

6. What animals can be used?



Read Chapter 39
1. What were the garments made for the priest?

2. Why were there 12 stones in the ephod worn by the High Priest?

3. What items were woven for Aaron and his sons?

4. What happens at the end of Exodus 39?

Read Exodus 40
5. When was the Tabernacle raised up?

6. What happened to Moses when God’s glory filled the tabernacle?

7. Why did the Israelites have to watch the cloud?


Read Chapter 37
1. Who made the ark? Of what type of wood? Overlaid with?

2. What were the tables made of? Overlaid with? What was included in the construction to help with carrying the tables?

3. Of what material were the utensils for the table made?

4. What other two pieces of furniture are described in Exodus 37? Describe them briefly.

Read Chapter 38
5. Of what kind of wood was the altar of burnt offerings made? Overlaid with? What was included in the construction to make it easier to carry?

6. Of what material was the laver made?

7. Of what tribe was Bezalel, the son of Uri? Ahoiliab, son of Ahisamach?

8. How much gold was used in the work of the holy place? Silver?

9. What was made from the silver?

10. How much bronze was used?

The first chapters on the Tabernacle in Exodus (Chapters 25 through 34) were God’s giving the commands/instructions to Moses. In the following chapters, we will see Moses giving the LORD’s commands to the people for the building of the Tabernacle. We are given a second chance to learn the material.

Read Exodus 35
1. List the main parts of the Tabernacle as they are listed in Exodus 35.

2. What do you learn from Exodus 35:21 about those who gave for the building of the Tabernacle?

Read Exodus 36
3. What do you learn about those who Moses called to do the work on the Tabernacle? (Exodus 36:2)

4. How many curtains did they make?

5. What were the materials used for the layers of curtains?

6. What wood was used for the boards for the Tabernacle?

7. What was the veil made of? Screen for the tabernacle door?



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