What will you do with Jesus?
Will you set up your fine nativity,
place the baby Jesus in
sit back and watch His angelic face
vaguely staring back at you?

What will you do with Jesus this year,
will you put Him in a box
gently wrapped in tissue paper
on the highest shelf atop?

Take Jesus out of storage.
Praise Him as the King of Kings!
Pay homage at the manager
and with the angels sing
“Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
He is Emanuel!
God who dwelt among us
Your worship He compels.

For who else can offer eternal life?
Who can break the seven seals?
Who can pay the sin offering for all mankind
with blood shed sacrificially?

We’ve all a debt for sin we owe.
The wages for sin is death.
Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.
There is no other way.

What will you do with Jesus
the babe who in the manager lay?
His salvation is with in your grasp
the ransom has been paid.

Just believe on Him,
that He is the Son of God
and that He died upon the cross
the lamb unblemished by one sin

For you He paid the price.
He bought our wretched, sinful souls
in exchange His righteousness.

Baby Jesus is not an ornament,
an accessory to your manger scene.
He is the promised Messiah.
The Prophets told of Him.
Isaiah said, “Unto us a Child is born,”
seven hundred years before
His name would be “Emmanuel”
His kingdom without end.

God has had this plan for you
a life He wants to give
not the fading, temporal kind
that rots with death and sin
but life with Him eternal
reigning with Him in His realm.

What will you do with Jesus this year?
Will you take the life He gives
or will you settle for dear Santa
and his busy little elves?

May the love of Christ be poured out on your family this Christmas. May the God of all Creation reveal His glory to you that you might enjoy the comfort and security of knowing how much He loves and cares about every detail of your life. Merry Christmas!

Read Luke 1:26 to 38
1. Who is Mary? What do we learn about her from this passage?

2. Who comes to visit her? Why?

3. Why does Gabriel say “Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”?

4. Why does he tell her not to be afraid?

5. What is the prophecy that Gabriel tells Mary?

6. What does Mary ask Gabriel in Luke 1:34? What proof does he offer to her that the words that he says are true?

7. Copy Luke 1:37 here. Meditate on this and record your thoughts and impressions. As you meditate on Luke 1:37, consider the proof you have seen that this is true in your own life or the lives of those around you? Explain.

8. What is Mary’s response to the news in verse 1:38?

9. What do we learn in James 4:7? 1 Peter 5:5? How does Mary demonstrate these concepts?

Baby Jesus Born to Die

Baby Jesus, small and soft
born that star-filled night
for ages prophets had foretold
Light to pierce the night

Your heavenly home You left behind
put eternal things aside
to enter human time and space
a temporary home.

why would You,
Almighty King
Lord of all the Lords
come down to earth to be with us
so far below Your throne

the cross it is the centerpiece
instrument of pain
see where blood was flowing down
the lamb on it was slain

O Jesus, help me see the truth
Your life was not in vain
Your coming was to meet my need
Yours a blood sacrifice

the living, it was needful
without blemish You were found
yet dying was the pinnacle
my sin stain it removed

in dying You gave your life for me
propitiatory substitute
in rising You opened eternity
rendered the accuser mute

a baby born to humble means
lain in a manger bare
is only part the story told
look further if you dare

the only true and living God
the one they call “I AM”
He kept His promise in the child
He sent His Son, the Lamb

Christmas is about Love

Christmas is about love. Ultimately, God so LOVED the world that He sent His only Son that whosoever believed in Him would be saved. In order to really understand Christmas as God intended it, we need to consider the love of God.

1. What do the following verses teach you about the love of God?
□ Jeremiah 31:3

□ Proverbs 8:17

□ Zephaniah 3:17

□ John 14:21

□ Romans 5:5

□ Romans 8:38-39

□ Titus 3:3-7

□ 1 John 4:9

2. As you meditate and read over the above verses, how do they speak to your celebration of Christmas?




Thank you God.


Angels sing your praise.

Never failing is your love for me.

Keeping me always safe from harm.

Sending your son to die for my sins.

Giving me eternal life.

In me working out your perfect will.

Victorious in all things through Christ.

In fellowship with the Father.

Never separated from You.

God is good.

M.E.Mullin Copyright 2003



A,B,C’s of Thanksgiving

For each letter of the alphabet below, list one thing you are grateful for that begins with each letter. Some examples are already filled in to get you started.





E – Eternal life














S – Salvation








May God bless you this year with a heart of thanksgiving to Him. I encourage you to start each day giving thanks to God for all that He has done, is doing and will do on your behalf. God will supply all your needs and fulfill all your desires. He alone is worthy of all praise! Surely, that will keep your heart full.

Thanksgiving (Part 5)

1. How did people give thanks to God according to these verses?
□ 1 Chronicles 25:3

□ 2 Chronicles 31:2

□ Ezra 3:11

□ Daniel 6:10
2. What do you learn from the following verses that makes you want to give thanks?
□ Psalm 32:7

□ Isaiah 40:28-31

□ Isaiah 41:10

□ Isaiah 55:13

□ Isaiah 60:1-3

□ Lamentations 3:22-24

□ 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

□ 2 Corinthians 9:8


3. What does the Bible teach about giving thanks to God?
□ Ephesians 5:20
□ 1 Thessalonians 5:18