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My eyes for beauty pine

By Robert Bridges (1844-1930)

My eyes for beauty pine,
My souls for Goddes grace;
No other care nor hope is mine;
To heaven I turn my face.

Once splendour thence is shed
From all the stars above:
‘Tis named when God’s name is said,
‘Tis Love, ‘tis heavenly Love.

And every gentle heart,
That burns with true desire,
Is lit from eyes that mirror part
Of that celestial fire.

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A Catholic Hymn
From starry heav’n descending, 
The King of worth untold
Was born in manger dwelling, 
Amid the winter’s cold
Infant Savior, Child Divine!
Thy trembling, baby from I see.
O Blessed Lord of all!
How great the cost to Thee to show Thy love for me.
How great the cost to Thee to show Thy love for me.
For Thee, the world’s creator,
My God, so great, so good!
There was no warning shelter,
Nor wealth of robe, nor food.
Dearest Babe, how poor Thy state,
To lie among the sheep and kine.
O Thou, my Chosen One,
Whatever love is mine, shall more and more be Thine.
Whatever love is mine, shall more and more be Thine.
Thou weepest, Lord, full knowing
Of my ingratitude,
When love alone Thou gavest
And ever sought my good.
Holy Babe, my heart’s desire!
I’ve lived too long away from Thee.
I will no more Thee grieve;
For now my aim shall be to love and honor thee,
For now my aim shall be to love and honor Thee.
J. R. Newell
baby jesus

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By Sir Robert Grant


Almighty Lord, the sun shall fail,
The moon forget her nightly tale,
And deepest silence hush on high
The radiant chorus of the sky.

But fixed for everlasting years,
Unmoved amid the wreck of spheres.
Thy word shall shine in cloudless day
When heaven and earth have passed away.

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To My King

Do you remember me as I was
when they first brought me before you?

Death was my sentence.

In my cage of wooden slats
on a rickety cart
wheeled before You
shame, humiliation my only adornments

Like an animal I had lived,
a wild donkey sniffing the wind
now cast aside

I loved You when I first saw You
hanging in that church
hanging on the cross
hanging above the altar
hanging above us
hanging for us–they said
But it was a distant love
love of a kind stranger

But I loved You so much more
that day in the market
when You lifted my head
not like the others
estimating my worth
with a critical eye
mindful of my many flaws

Yours was a tender evaluation
seeing me–the real me
hidden beneath
caked on
baked on
mud and manure
hair a stringy mess
face taut with hunger
no muscle or beauty to commend me
I felt something from you that day
something for me
not against me
a leaning towards me
not recoiling from me
a longing for me
a desire to be with me
near me

I watched in disbelief
as You emptied your purse
heavy, gold coins spilling into his hands
You insisted he take it all
“She is,” You tell him, “Worth every coin.”

A pearl of great price
a treasure hidden in a field
sought after

My life starts that day
You draw me
enthrall me
with Your words,
so many beautiful words.

Words of hope, comfort and encouragement first:
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.
Weeping may endure for night, but joy comes in the morning.
I collect all your tears in a bottle–I see your sorrow.
I place the solitary in families.
I will restore the years the hordes of locust have eaten.
I know the plans I have for you, plans for good,
plans to give you a future full of hope.
I have searched you and I know you.
I understand your thoughts.
I am acquainted with all your ways.
I will lead you and my right hand will hold you.
I am for you; not against you.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
I will deliver you from every trap and snare
they lay for you to try and capture you.
I will heal all your diseases.
I will drive away the terror at night.
My truth and my words will protect you.
My angels will watch over you.
When you call on Me, I will answer.
When you are in trouble, I will come and get you.
I will never leave you or forsake you.
We will always be together–forever

Those words and so many more
cascading over me
like riparian springs
of living water
a healing balm to my soul
they buoy me up
they give hope

but what pierces my heart
and tethers me to You
are Your words of intimate love for me:
I have loved you with an everlasting love.
I will quiet you with My love;
I will rejoice over you with singing.
I loved you so much I gave up everything,
My honor, My status, My own family,
that you might live and be together with me
as my wife forever.
You are My beloved and I am yours.

And so my King,
on this our wedding day
I confess:
it was Your kindness that drew me
Your words that made me clean
thus my life, I submit to you
fully yielding all
take me
and make me
Your own–for eternity.

MaryBeth Mullin 2020

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Relinquishing Idols

Standing alone
gripping the metal piece
to my sobbing breast
precious it was
loathe was I to part with it

Once highly polished
varnish worn
exposing human manufacture
hope dashed
my idol would never
return all I’d invested

Why would You ask for it?
why ask me to give it up?
it’s nothing, really–

You persist
Your hand extended
to receive
my arm extended
to give

Light exposes
its sad condition
object of misplaced adoration
edges worn
paint thin, chipped

My heart lurches as You take it–
prying open my fingers
I release

Your tear catches my eye
realization stabs
reality intrudes
I float up from waking sleep
heart hurting
You would shed a tear for me?

I reach to touch the wet on Your cheek
to feel the evidence of Your devotion
You pull me close
to let me hear Your heart–
to know life
with You

I see now
all You’ve done for me
a film playing silently
on the screen of heaven

my idol
never answered a single prayer
never extended one moment of comfort
never spoke one word of guidance
never provided one moment of protection

only lies
false hope
false security

it was You
Adonai Elohim
Adonai Yir’eh
Adonai Nissi
Adonai Shalom
Adonai Tsidkenu

It was only ever You.

MaryBeth Mullin


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I was nearly made small
surrounded and hemmed in
by small thinking
petty thinking
the cardboard box
or the absence of thinking

I felt my thoughts grow small
longing to retaliate
in small-mindedness
crawl into that place
with its sub-basement conduct
underground deportment

after all–that’s what they did
that’s how they treated me
that’s what they would understand

Into my plans
shot an arrow of light
a spark of wisdom
from above

smallness is their distinctive
small-minded actions
puny-minded words
only confirmed I was one of them

but I didn’t want to be
that’s not who I’m meant to be

The only way to communicate
with the puny mind
is to be big

put aside every bit of smallness
every shred of puny thinking
be generous to a fault
overlook the wrongs
live above
live big

smallness is not a question of size
smallness is inside
a state of mind
and the state of living that follows

No one can make me small.

by MaryBeth Mullin

Copyright 2020

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By John Wright Follette (1883-1966)

I am a flame born of celestial fire
I bear a name, Insatiable Desire.
I wear in heart an image all divine,
Past human art, not traced by mortal line.
I hear God call to taste His heavenly power;
I give my all to burn life’s single hour.
So let me burn through fetters that would bind;
Thus will I learn and freedom will I find.
I shall return to Love’s eternal fire,
There shall I burn – a satisfied desire.


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By Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951

Shadow and coolness, Lord,
Art Thou to me;
Cloud of my soul, lead, on,
I follow Thee.
What though the hot winds blow,
Fierce heat beats up below?
Fountains of water flow–
Praise, praise to Thee.

Clearness and glory, Lord,
Art Thou to me;
Light of my soul, lead on,
I follow Thee.
All through the moonless night,
Making its darkness bright,
Thou art my Heavenly Light–
Praise, praise to Thee.

Shadow and shine art Thou,
Dear Lord, to me;
Pillar of cloud and fire,
I follow Thee.
What though the way is long,
In Thee my heart is strong,
Thou art my joy, my song–
Praise, praise to Thee.


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Laying flat on cool marble
arms by my sides
the voice of the Father
calms me

from nowhere
an attack
I flinch
it requires everything
to be still

sword flashes
another strikes back
clang of metal on metal
a battle above my head

a final blow
my attacker is slain
threat eliminated

Listen to my voice
my child
I am with you
I will not leave you
fear not

my palms are sweaty
my pulse is racing
breathing shallow and fast
heart pounding so hard it could split

Abba, Abba
He gently rubs my temple
Be still and know
from experience
I AM God

a voice calls to me
My beloved, come to Me
longing for His touch
I am drawn

Copyright MaryBeth Mullin


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In His Grip

Strong is the hand that plucked me from the raging waters and set me on the Rock.

Gentle are the hands that comfort me and wipe away my tears.

Firm is the grip that keeps me from harm and evil.

Merciful are the arms which hug me close as I kick and scream in rebellion.

Everlasting are the arms that hold me close to the Father’s heart.

Worthy are the nail-pierced hands that present me holy and without blame before the throne of God.

. . . and no one can deliver me out of His hand.


Copyright M.E.Mullin



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