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I awake to Thee

Today I awake to Thee, Sweet Jesus
today I awake to Thee

My thoughts scurry to the work
I bid them quiet be

I take the water of the Word
and wash myself in it

And then with pen and journal
I in Your presence sit

I find my joy as I wait on You
and hear Your voice again


MaryBeth Mullin

Copyright 2018

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I got my armor today
spike shoes
all so shiny
so fancy

It’s all a little heady
I twirl around
holding my shield in one hand
waving my sword about with the other

Thank You, my King
for my commission in Your army
but am I combat-ready?

I’ve been dragging my armor around
some pieces on
some pieces hanging off
nothings as shiny

I forgot my helmet
and spent days trying to remember
who I was
whose I was

When I grew tired of carrying that big shield
I spent the day pinned down behind a rock
as flaming arrows of accusation
whizzed by my ears
and singed my hair

just before darkness fell
the King rode up
plucked me from my hiding place
seated me on His steed
no one mentioned my missing shield
or burn holes in my tunic

“My child, be wise.”
He said softly as he let me down
my cheeks grew warm

the most humiliating blow came today
I slid down a slippery slope
landed on my backside
insufficient spikes in my shoes

I’m waiting now to meet with the King
I’m sure He’s upset
I’m a failure
but if I can’t be a soldier for the King,
who would I be?

my thoughts drift to the King
brave in battle, strong, majestic
sometimes terrifying
to His enemies

Then I remember
He is a tender Father
loving husband
kind Master
soft-hearted lover of children
a lamb

as I remember
a great wind blows open the shutters
sunlight bathes the great hall

“Abba! Abba!”
I run to Him
“I’m so sorry.”
tears soak my cheeks
“Can you forgive me?”

“My child,”
He calls me by my special name
the name He gave me

I sit with Him in His big chair
He gently holds my face to His
I breathe in His familiar scent
resting in His embrace
I exchange my tears of failure
for His unconditional, never-failing love

I awoke
covered by my favorite blanket
the sun far spent

He never spoke to me of my failures
rather He met me
in the early morning
patiently teaching me of the armor
about the enemy
how each piece was designed
how each piece could protect

He helped me strengthen my arms
to carry the shield of faith
He taught me how to add spikes to my shoes
to hold my ground
He helped me wield my sword
with strength and accuracy
I became a great warrior

I will never forget how ineffective
I was
I am
without armor

nor shall I forget the weapons
are for standing
the battle is His

He is my Protector
my Fortress
my High Tower
my Stronghold
my Deliverer

Blessed be the name of the King of Kings
Commander of the angel armies
Champion of the sons and daughters of God

Copyright 2018 MaryBeth Mullin

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Your Word

I read Your Word
a love letter
the sweet aroma of my Beloved
speaking of Your love for me
Your plans for me
Your desires for my good
the sure hope of our future together

soft pillowy clouds of promise
in a luscious feather bed
inviting me
embracing me
enveloping me
buoying me
securing me
I lay my head on a soft pillow of Your promises
I press my face to meet its coolness
wisps of lavender are released

I find rest



Copyright 2018 MaryBeth Mullin

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I sat
baking in the sun
strong winds force shards of sand into my flesh

I waited to die
tossed aside like garbage

I hurt
every cell ached with sorrow

But Jesus found me
with cool water
He washed my face

He poured cool water on my parched tongue
He gently laid a blanket over me
He held me
He promised to stay
He called me beloved
my sobs met no resistance
I curled into His chest–hidden

my eyes are red and swollen
sorrow is my close companion
waves of sadness roll over me,
threatening violence

The storm will end
Peace will prevail
But til then
as circumstances and emotions buffet me,
Jesus holds me close.

Copyright MaryBeth Mullin 2016



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Lone Tree

A lone tree
clings to the banks of the raging river,
leaves tossed,
boughs bent,
daily tested by the elements.

Its roots dig deeper,
holding the tree to the shore.
security sought in the deep rich soil

How barren is the tree during the storm,
its leaves blown off.

How stark is the tree,
its bark patched,
its branches twisted.

But the clouds disperse
and the sun greets the lonesome tree,
coaxing it heavenward.

By the time the warmth of Spring arrives,
the tree is filled with green buds,
promising a host of leaves,
and abundant fruit.

Psalm 1:3 He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.

Job 23:10 But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.

Copyright 2016 MaryBeth Mullin


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Who Pays?

He should pay for what he’s done

Jesus paid it all.

I want to exact a price
He hurt me
He stole from me
He betrayed me
He broke my heart

Jesus paid it all.

I want him to pay
Pay for what he did
Pay for what he didn’t do
Pay for what he said
Pay for what he didn’t say

Jesus paid it all.

He’s getting away
He’s not being accountable
He’s not doing his part
He’s not stopping
He’s not sorry


Jesus paid it all.

Oh, praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!
Oh, praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!
Copyright MaryBeth Mullin 7/2016


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Help Me Jesus


Oh darkest fear rise up within me
Your effect made null and void
Your grip upon me has been broken
by the strong hand of my LORD

Help me Jesus, goin’ under
darkness swirling all around
Help me Jesus, goin’ under
send your love to rescue me

O shallow heart you love yourself
no thought of others do you have
you will never find your solace
gazing only at yourself

Help me Jesus, goin’ under
darkness swirling all around
Help me Jesus, goin’ under
send your grace to set me free

Voice of hell you tell me lies
but I have ears that cannot hear
The only voice is of my Savior
to calm my heart and still my fear

You help me Jesus from goin’ under
as the darkness swirls ‘round about
You help me Jesus, I’m goin’ under
you sent your love to pull me out

‘Though I’ve enemies all around me
some within and some without
I have a Father who’s in heaven
for His child He’s looking out

Thank you, Jesus I am rising
When trumpet sounds, I’m going up
To see my Father, who’s been waiting
and the saints all gathered ‘round

Copyright 2009


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