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The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship

Because I’m still me
frailties plague me
pride lifts me
self-reliance walks me out the plank
of this pirate ship
a ship taken by mutiny
a ship of which I made myself master
a rebellious ship
on its own mission
of larceny and murder
stealing from and murdering hope in God

chaos reigns on deck
I fear the worst
I always fear the worst
all is lost
all the years of traveling and scheming
planning and dreaming
of a place
of a love
of a peace

I contemplate my end
each step out
further from safety
closer to the edge
my toes grasp the edge of this plank
through warped pieces of wood
something catches the light of the setting sun
dull, metallic
thick links hang from the side of the ship
the other end hidden
buried in blackness

but I don’t need to see its two hook-like arms to know
my Anchor has dropped
my Anchor of hope
my mooring in the storm

suddenly jolted
my footing temporarily lost
the Anchor hits bottom
this pirate ship full stop
the true Captain emerges from below

I see the question in His eyes
I make my way off the plank
I study my toes

Facing Him
I raise my arms in salute
I raise my arms in surrender
meeting His eyes
those eyes
gentle eyes
of understanding
of forgiveness
of mercy
of restoration

“O Captain, my Captain”
disregarding my feeble salute
He pulls me to Himself
“My child, be still. All is well.”

MaryBeth Mullin
Copyright 2018


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I was alone, broken-hearted
But Your word washed over me, cleansing me
And Your word healed all my wounds

I was starving; sorrow had taken my appetite
But Your words I found, and I ate them
And Your word became the joy and rejoicing of my heart

I was thirsty; in the wasteland of despair, I forgot to drink
But Your word was my refreshing
and Your word welled up in my heart like riparian springs

I was unloved; my beloved’s affection stolen through deceit
But Your word spoke truth over me
And Your word reminded me that I was precious, loved, accepted

I was imprisoned; my own desires had bound me
But Your word was the key to the locks that held me
And Your word – Your truth – set me free

I was destined for torment, my sin had earned me death
But Your word was my hope
And it led me to the blood of redemption

Your word sustains me
Your promises are my life blood
Your voice alone I hear, and I hear You call me Daughter

Copyright MaryBeth Mullin



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Lord, with glowing heart I’d praise thee
For the bliss they love bestows,
For the pardoning grace that saves me,
And the peace that from it flows.
Help, O God! my weak endeavor,
This dull soul to rapture raise;
Thou must light the flame, or never
Can my love be warmed to praise.
Lord! this bosom’s ardent feeling
Vainly would my lips express;
Low before thy foot-stool kneeling
Deign thy suppliant’s prayer to bless.
Let thy grace, my soul’s chief treasure, 
Love’s pure flame within me raise;
And, since words can never measure,
Let my life show forth they praise.

–Francis Scott Key

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Across the will of nature

Leads on the path of God;

Not where the flesh delighteth

The feet of Jesus trod.

Oh Jesus, Thy care is not to make

The desert a waste no more,

But to keep our feet, lest we miss the track

Where Thy feet went before.

–Amy Carmichael, Candles in the Dark

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Poem by Charles Wesley

Arise, my soul, arise;

Shake off thy guilty fears;

The bleeding Sacrifice

In my behalf appears:

Before the throne my Surety stands,

My name is written on His hands.

My God is reconciled;

His pardoning voice I hear:

He owns me for His child;

I can no longer fear:

With confidence I now draw nigh,

And “Father, Abba, Father,” cry.

—Charles Wesley

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Greek Hymn

My God, shall sin its power maintain

And in my soul defiant live!

“Tis not enough that Thou forgive,

The cross must rise and self be slain.

O God of love, Thy power disclose:

“Tis not enough that Christ should rise,

I, too, must seek the brightening skies,

And rise from death, as Christ arose.


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