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Tel Dan

      One of the farthest points you can travel in modern Israel is Dan. As you make your way north from Jerusalem or the Sea of Galilee to Tel Dan, the border with Lebanon is within sight. Conflict along this border has continued for many years. Hezbollah, which was designated a Foreign Terror Organization by the U.S. State Department, is a terrorist organization backed by money and resources from Iran which does not believe in the legitimacy of Israel, and seeks its total destruction. When you visit the area, you will see that Israel’s enemies are very close to her, and it is only through diligence that Israel is able to keep the enemies at bay.
      Dan and the surrounding area has many natural springs. One of three springs that feeds the Jordan is located near the ancient city of Dan (Tel Dan). It is a beautiful area all year round with lush greenery, trees, and rushing water.
      The city of Dan was formerly called Laish or Leshem. The Bible describes the people of Dan brutally defeating the people of Laish and burning the town to the ground and then building their own town on the same spot (Judges 18:7) The city is mentioned approximately twenty-four times in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and it was typically the first city to be lost to invaders from the north because of its location very close to the northern border.

Location of the golden calf – place of false worship. The metal frame is meant to give you an idea of how big the altar would have been.
The seat of the chief elder of the town at the gate of the city.
Close up of the gate – dating from approximately 1750 BC. (the time of Abraham)
“Abraham’s Gate” at Tel Dan

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