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Read Matthew Chapter 27:15 to 65
1. What is Pilate’s question to the chief priests and elders in Matthew 27:22? What is their response?

2. What further question does Pilate ask in Matthew 27:23? What is the response?

3.What does Pilate do in Matthew 27:24? Why?

4. What is the response of the people?

5. What did Pilate do next according to Matthew 27:26? What happened to Jesus?

6. Where was Jesus taken according to Matthew 27:27

7. What was a praetorium? Where was the praetorium located in Jerusalem?

8. What happened to Jesus according to the following verses?
Matthew 27:28

Matthew 27:29

Matthew 27:30

Matthew 27:31

9. What happened as they led Jesus to be crucified according to Matthew 27:32?

Going deeper: What authority existed for the Romans to compel Simon the Cyrene to carry Jesus’ cross.

10. Where did they take Jesus according to Matthew 27:33?

Going deeper: Where was the site of the crucifixion located? Be sure to note the source of your information.

11. What did they give to Jesus according to Matthew 27:34? What was Jesus’ response?

12. What did they do with his clothing according to Matthew 27:35?

13. What do you learn from Psalm 22:18?

14. What were they doing according to Matthew 27:36?

15. What “accusation” was written over Jesus’ head according to Matthew 27:37?

16. In what languages was the inscription written according to John 19:20?

17. What was the reaction of the Chief priests to the inscription according to John 19:21? How does Pilate respond in John 20:22?

18. Who was crucified alongside of Jesus according to Matthew 27:38?

19. What were those who passed by doing according to Matthew 27:39-40?

20. Who else was mocking Jesus according to Matthew 27:41-44? What were they saying?

21. What happened according to Matthew 27:45?

Going deeper: What is the sixth hour? The ninth hour?

22. What does Jesus say according to Matthew 27:46? What does it mean?

23. Copy Psalm 22:1. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions in light of Matthew 27:46.

24. What did they think Jesus was saying according to Matthew 27:47?

25. What did they do according to Matthew 27:48?

26. What was the response of others in Matthew 27:49?

27. What was Jesus’ last act from the cross according to Matthew 27:50?

28. What happened after that according to Matthew 27:51-53?

29. What was the reaction of the Centurion and those with him according to Matthew 27:54?

30. What do you learn from Matthew 27:55-56?

31. Who came to Pilate in the evening to ask for the body of Jesus according to Matthew 27:57-58?

Going deeper: Who was Joseph of Arimathea?

32. What did Joseph do with Jesus’ body according to Matthew 27:59-60?

33. Who else was there according to Matthew 27:61?

34. What happened the next day according to Matthew 27:62-66?

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