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Read Matthew Chapter 16
1. What do the Pharisees and Sadducees ask of Jesus in Matthew 16:1?

2. How does Jesus respond to the request for a sign in Matthew 16:2-4?

3. What did the disciples forget to bring with them when they came to the other side of the lake (Sea of Galilee)?

4. What does Jesus tell them in Matthew 16:6?

5. What do they disciples think Jesus is referring to according to Matthew 16:7?

6. Why is Jesus upset with them about what they were thinking according to Matthew 16:8-10?

7. What does Jesus tell them He was referring to in Matthew 16:11?

8. What region does Jesus come to according to Matthew 16:13? Where is that located? For what was it known?

9. What does Jesus ask His disciples in Matthew 16:13?

10. How did they respond according to Matthew 16:14?

11. Jesus repeats His question in Matthew 16:15. How does Peter respond in Matthew 16:16?

12. What is Jesus’ response in Matthew 16:17-19?

13. What does Jesus command His disciples in Matthew 16:20?

14. What does Jesus begin to show His disciples according to Matthew 16:21?

15. What does Peter do according to Matthew 16:22?

16. Copy Jesus’ response to Peter in Matthew 16:23. Meditate on this. Are you consistently mindful of the things of God?

16. What does Jesus tell his disciples according to Matthew 16:24-28?


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