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Read Jonah Chapter 1
1. Who was Jonah according to Jonah 1:1?

2. Who told Jonah to go to Ninevah? Why was he to go there?

3. Where was Ninevah?

4. Why was Ninevah a “great city?”

5. Where was Tarshish?

6. From Whom was Jonah fleeing according to Jonah 1:3?

7. What do you learn from the following verses?
Psalm 139:7-10

Jeremiah 23:24

Amos 9:2-4

8. Where did Jonah go to catch the ship to Tarshish?

9. Where is Joppa (Jaffa) located in Israel?


Old Jaffa – Israel
Jaffa (Joppa) – Israel
Seaport of Jaffa (Joppa) – Israel

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