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Read Job Chapter 1

  1. How is Job described in verse 1?
  2. Why is the description of Job important to understanding spiritual warfare?
  3. In Job 1:6, the scene changes. Where is this new scene taking place? Who is present?
  4. What does “Satan” mean? Look it up in a dictionary or dictionary.com. Record what you find.
  5. What do you learn about Satan from the following verses?
    1 Chronicles 21:1 Isaiah 14:12-15 Luke 22:3, 31 2 Corinthians 11:14 1 Thessalonians 2:18 Revelation 12:9 Revelation 20:2, 7
  6. Upon review of the above verses, what observations about Satan can you make?
  7. What other names does he go by? (Hint: Isaiah 14:12, James 4:7, Revelations 12:3)
  8. What does God say about Job in Job 1:8?
  9. What does Satan respond to God’s statements about Job in verses 9-10?
  10. What authority does God give Satan regarding Job?
  11. What does it mean if God has to give Satan permission to touch Job?
  12. What do you learn about the Sovereignty of God from the following verses?
    1 Chronicles 29:11-12 Psalm 47:2 Psalm 83:18 Psalm 103:19
  13. What happened to Job according to verses 13-19?
  14. Would you consider what happened to Job to be spiritual warfare? Why or why not? Give support from scripture if you can.
  15. Copy Job’s response to this news from Job 1:20-21 here.
  16. Is Job’s response similar or different from your response to spiritual warfare? Explain.
  17. What do you learn from Job 1:22? How was that possible for Job?

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As I read the book of Job each year, Job reminds me about my God, why He is worthy, oh so worthy to be served.

  • Everything under heaven is His.  He even sets limits for Satan.
  • He controls all of nature – that which is above and that which is below.
  • None came before Him, and He has no end, so it is not possible that any will come after Him.
  • Whatever He wills – that shall be done.  None can resist or successfully oppose Him.  None of His purposes can be thwarted.
  • In His presence, I see the wretch that I am, hopelessly self-focused and self-seeking, lacking in power and sufficiency, totally dependent on my God.

Although He might despise me for my inadequacies, my frailties, my pathetic efforts to be independent, He doesn’t. Instead He extends His loving arms to hold and comfort me.  He washes me in His blood, and I am clean.

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The benefit of reading through the Bible each year from cover to cover is that every year, you must read the book of Job.  It is 37 chapters of men’s wisdom followed by 5 chapters of God’s.

When I read Job, I learn things about myself:

  • I am like Job’s friends, spending too much time trying to figure why another person faces severe or repeated suffering and trials.  I look for hidden sin in their lives.  I usually fail to consider the universal truth that God’s ways are far past my finding out or understanding.  How can finite man understand infinite God?
  • I am like Job.  I tend to think God is dealing unjustly with me.  I accuse God of being far from me, not remembering me, or forsaking me.  I am prone to think of God as a mere man, like me, capable of error, neglect, thoughtlessness.  I imagine He might need my insight, my vision, or my plans.
  • I am so relieved to hear from God.  After 37 chapters of the ramblings of those not much brighter than me, when I read the words, “Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind,” it makes my heart quicken.  His truth washes over me, verse after verse confronting me with my impotency and my insignificance in stark contrast to His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

Like Job, my only response to the awesome power and knowledge of God is to mumble with my face in dirt, “I am vile . . . I have nothing to say.”

More on Job tomorrow . . .

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