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I am so excited to recommend a book that I just finished.  The book is called Mimosa and it was written by Amy Carmichael.   It is a fast and easy read.   The book is described as a true story.  It is an amazing story of a young girl who, based on one very brief exposure to the God of the Bible, lived a life of suffering and trials for her faith.  It is hard to do the story justice.   The take away from the story is that the Spirit of God meets each believer wherever he or she is.  Even if there is no church, even if there is no Bible, even if a person is illiterate, God will by His Spirit, teach, lead, guide, comfort and encourage the believer.  This is, of course, not the only such story, but it is a good reminder of just how intimate of a God we serve.  He is never far from us, and He hears us when we cry out to Him.  We need only to remember to wait on Him and trust in His faithfulness and goodness.

The ISBN for the copy I have is 978-0-87508-821-1.

You really can’t go wrong with any of Amy Carmichael’s books.

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