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Caesarea Maritima is nothing if not visually striking, situated along the west coast of Israel between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Mediterranean Sea provides a stark contrast with its beautiful blues and greens to the white stone ruins of long-gone civilizations.

Caesarea Maritima was the Roman Capital of Judea at the time of Jesus. It was the headquarters for Pontius Pilate, who officiated over the Roman trial of Jesus. It was also the place where Paul was imprisoned for two years before being transferred to Rome.

But for me, a non-Jew, the greatest importance of Caesarea by the Sea is that it is where Cornelius, a Roman soldier, and his family came to be the first recorded Gentile believers to receive the gospel, be save, be filled with the Holy Spirit and be baptized.

Ruins of harbor
remains of marble statutes
Hippodrome (site of chariot races)

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