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Isaiah Chapter 34

Read Isaiah Chapter 34

  1. Who is called to listen in Isaiah 34:1?
  2. What is being announced in Isaiah 34:2?
  3. What things will come to pass according to Isaiah 34:3-7?
  4. What is this “day” according to Isaiah 34:8?
  5. What will this place look like according to Isaiah 34:9-15? 
  6. Read Revelation 19:11-21. What similarities to the descriptions and events in Isaiah 34 do you see?
  7. Read Zechariah Chapter 14. What similarities do you see to Isaiah 34? Revelation 19?
  8. Read Revelation 17:14. Meditate on this. What do you learn? See? What questions do you have?
  9. What application can you make from these two chapters? How will you prepare for the coming day of the Lord?


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