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The Dead Sea

The lowest place on earth is where you’ll find the Dead Sea. It is a breathtaking place–but beware, she doesn’t offer up her secrets easily. Before letting us go swim in the Dead Sea, the tour guide gave us a 20-minute lecture on the techniques for floating and the dangers to be aware of, mostly dealing with the salt content of the water.

The Sea of Salt, as it is known in Hebrew, is not easily navigated. Because of the toll the salt content of the water takes on boats, the Israeli military no longer patrols the waters with boats.

Despite its difficulties, the Dead Sea is treasure trove of minerals and chemicals and is a magnet for tourists seeking its healing properties.

To the eye, it is yet one more beautiful sight in a land filled with beauty and history. Nearby are some important other places to visit such as En Gedi where David fled from Saul, Masada, a place of great significance to Jews, and Qumram, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Sunrise on the Dead Sea, Israel
Resort at the Dead Sea, Israel
Resort at the Dead Sea, Israel

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