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Read Esther Chapter 1

  1. Who is Ahasuerus?
  2. Where do the events of Chapter 1 of Esther take place? What country is this today?
  3. Describe the scene in your own words.
  4. Who is Queen Vashti?
  5. What happened between Queen Vashti and King Ahasuerus in the opening chapter? Why?
  6. From whom does the King seek advice? Who are they? What is their advice? Why?
  7. What do the following verses teach about counselors?
    ▸ Psalm 1:1 ▸ Proverbs 1:5
  8. What happens to Queen Vashti?
  9. What references to dates and/or time is given in this chapter? Note all that you find.
  10. What do you observe about the marriage between the King and Queen Vashti? Contrast that to the Bible’s teachings on marriage.
  11. What do the following verses teach?□ Proverbs 14:12 □ Proverbs 14:17 □ Proverbs 14:29 □ Proverbs 16:32

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