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Read Esther Chapter 4
1. What is Mordecai’s response to the decree regarding the Jews?

2. What is the reaction of other Jews in other provinces?

3. How does Esther respond to Mordecai’s behavior (sackcloth and ashes and mourning)?

4. What does Mordecai tell Esther to do?

5. How does she respond? What is her meaning?

6. How does Mordecai respond? What is the significance of his statements?

7. What is Esther’s final response?

8. What does Esther seek through her fasting?

9. What do these scriptures teach about prayer?
□ Isaiah 59:1-3

□ Matthew 7:7-11

□ Matthew 21:22

□ Luke 11:1-13

□ Luke 18:9-14

□ John 14:12-14

□ James 4:2-3

□ 1 John 5:14-15

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