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Read Isaiah Chapter 14
1. What prophecy is given in Isaiah 14:1-2?

2. What prophecy is given against Babylon in Isaiah 14:3-8?

3. What is the conversation in hell recorded in Isaiah 14:9-11?

4. Who is being spoken of in Isaiah 14:12-17? How do you know?

5. What names are given to him in Isaiah 14:12?

6. What caused him to fall according to Isaiah 14:13-14?

7. What is his future according to Isaiah 14:15?

8. How will he be seen in the future according to Isaiah 14:16-17

9. Isaiah continues with the prophecy against Babylon in Isaiah 14:18-23. What do you notice?

10. He continues with a prophecy against Assyria in Isaiah 14:24-26. What do you notice?

11. What do you learn of God from Isaiah 14:26-27

12. What is the timing of the prophecy which came to Isaiah 14:28-32 according to Isaiah 28:14?


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