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After the sorrow of chapter 53, comes the singing of chapter 54.
–Jon Courson, Application Commentary

Read Isaiah Chapter 54
1. What does the prophet encourage the reader to do in Isaiah 54:1?

2. Read 2 Chronicles 20. What was the battle strategy of Jehoshaphat in that chapter? How might we apply that to our lives today?

3. Read Acts 16. What happened when Paul and Silas began to sign hymns at arguably one of their darkest hours?

4. What do the following verses teach about joy and rejoicing?
□ Nehemiah 8:10
□ Philippians 4:4
□ 1 Thessalonians 5:16

5. What can be done “to enlarge the place of your tent?” In your life? In the local church? In the body of Christ? What do you see as your role or calling in that?

6. In Isaiah 54:4-8, God is speaking to the nation Israel, being sent into captivity and the promise to bring her back out, the promise to restore her. What is the first thing the prophet says in this section (verse 4a)?

7. Consider some of the other times in the book of Isaiah has told His children not to fear and made great promises to them.
□ Isaiah 41:10, 13, and 14

□ Isaiah 43:1, 5

□ Isaiah 44:2-5

8. Copy Isaiah 54:5 here. Why do you think God says that He (our Maker) is our husband?

9. Copy Isaiah 54:7-8 here. Meditate on this truth. What are your impressions? How can you make application of this to your life, your current situation?

10. What do the following verses add to the truths of Isaiah 54:7-8?
□ Psalm 30:5

□ Psalm 103:9

□ Micah 7:18

□ 2 Corinthians 4:17

□ 1 Peter 1:6

11. What promise does God remind them of in Isaiah 54:9?

12. What promise does God give them in Isaiah 54:10?

13. What promise does God make in Isaiah 54:13? 14? 15-17?



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