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Read Haggai Chapter 1                                                                                                                   

1. What is it that God would have us do in order to “consider our ways?” Provide support from scripture where you can.

2. What does God instruct them to do in Haggai 1:8? How will that help them?

3. What do you learn about worship from the following passages?
Psalm 73

Psalm 86

Psalm 96

Psalm 100

Psalm 103

4. What is the result of worship and coming into the presence of God for the believer? Provide support from your own experience and/or scripture.

5. What do you learn from the following passages
2 Kings 22:8-20

Job 42:1-6

Isaiah 6:1-5

6. Copy Haggai 1:8 here. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions.

7. What does God tell the people through the prophet in Haggai 1:9-11?

8. What is the response of the people and the leaders in Haggai 1:12?

9. What is God’s response in Haggai 1:13?

10. What does God do according to Haggai 1:14-15?

11. What application can you make from Chapter 1 of Haggai?


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