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Isaiah Chapter 46

Read Isaiah Chapter 46
1. What historical event is Isaiah report in Isaiah 46:1-2?

2. Who is Bel? Nebo?

3. What great promise does God make through Isaiah in Isaiah 46:3-4? How does that encourage you?

4. What comparison is made between the gods of the Babylonians and Jehovah in these opening verses of Chapter 46?

5. What is God saying about idols and those who worship them in Isaiah 46:5-7?

6. What is God saying of Himself in contrast to the idols in Isaiah 46:8-11?

7. What do you learn from Isaiah 46:12-13?

8. What do you learn about Zion from the following verses?
□ Psalm 9:11

□ Psalm 48:2

□ Psalm 50:2

□ Psalm 87:2

9. How does it affect a place (the way it looks, the way it feels, the people living there, etc.) when God has put Himself there?


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