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1. Where did Jesus and the disciples go after the meal according to Matthew 26:31?

2. Where is the Gethsemane located in relationship to the Temple?

Going deeper: What does “Gethsemane” mean?

3. What does Jesus tell the disciples to do in Matthew 26:36? Why?

4. Who did Jesus take with Him according to Matthew 26:37?

5. What happens to Jesus according to Matthew 26:37?

6. What did Jesus say to them in Matthew 26:38?

7. What did Jesus pray in Matthew 26:39?

8. What did Jesus say to the disciples in Matthew 26:40-41 when He found them sleeping?

9. What does Jesus pray in Matthew 26:42?

10. What does Jesus find in Matthew 26:43?

11. After Jesus prays the third time, what does He say to them when he returns in Matthew 26:45-46?

12. Who comes with the betrayer Judas in Matthew 26:47?

13. What does Jesus do according to Matthew 26:48-49? Why?

14. What does Jesus ask him in Matthew 26:50?

15.What happens in Matthew 26:51?

16. What does Jesus say in Matthew 26:52-54?

17. What does Jesus say to the multitudes in Matthew 26:55-56?

18 What did the disciples do according to Matthew 26:56b?

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