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Read Isaiah Chapter 19 – The Burden Against Egypt
1. What human disasters are foretold for Egypt?

2. What natural disasters are foretold?

3. Who will Egypt be afraid of? Why?

4. What is foretold in Isaiah 19:18-25 about the future for Egypt?

5. What three nations will worship the Lord together in the future?

This prophecy was probably fulfilled in 670 B.C. when Egypt was conquered by Esar-haddon, king of Assyria. The Assyrian conquest proved that the many gods of Egypt were powerless to help (19:1) and that the mediums and wizards were unable to give counsel (v.3). . .

But that is not all. The forty-two provinces of Egypt, called “nomes,” would be thrown into disarray and start fighting each other (Isaiah 19:2). The Nile River, the source of Egypt’s economy, and the streams and canals of the land would all dry up; and this would put farmers, fishermen, and cloth manufacturers out of business (vv.5-10). For centuries, the Egyptians were respected for their wisdom; but now the princes and counselors would not know what to do (vv.11-13). Instead of walking a straight path, the nation was led astray by leaders who were ad dizzy as a drunken man staggering around in his vomit (vv.14-15).
-–W.W. Weirsbe, Be Comforted: Isaiah

Read Isaiah Chapter 20
6. What does God tell Isaiah to do in this chapter? Why?


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