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Read Isaiah 66 (the last chapter of Isaiah!)
1. What does Isaiah 66:1 teach us about where God dwells?

2. What do you learn from the following verses?
□ 2 Chronicles 6:18

□ Matthew 5:34-35

□ Acts 7:48-49

□ Acts 17:24

3. Who does God say He will look upon in Isaiah 66:2?

4. What does God promise in Isaiah 66:3-4? To whom?

5. What does God say about Jerusalem in Isaiah 66:5-13?

6. What does God promise to the servants of God in Isaiah 66:24? To his enemies?

7. What prophecy is given in Isaiah 66:15-17?

8. What promise does God make to those who are scattered in Isaiah 66:18- 21?

9. What promise to the faithful do you find in Isaiah 66:22-23?

10. What does God promise to those who have transgressed against Him in Isaiah 66:24?

11. What are some of the things that struck you as you studied the book of Isaiah?

12. What have you learned from Isaiah that you can apply to your life today?

13. How have you been changed by your study of the book of the prophet Isaiah?

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