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Isaiah – Chapter 1 (Part 2)

This post continues from where our last post on Isaiah chapter 1 left off.

Read Isaiah chapter 1

1. In verses 18 to 20, what is God asking in these verses? Promising?

2. What do you learn from the following verses?
□ Psalm 51:7

□ Hebrews 9:14

□ 1 John 1:7

□ Revelation 1:5

□ Revelation 7:14

3. What city is being described in verses 21 to 23? What is said of her?

4. What promises does God make in verses 24 to 31? Why?

5. Review Isaiah Chapter 1. There is much to consider in this chapter. What can you take and apply to your own life? What promises to you find for yourself? What commands apply to you? What exhortation is meant for you?


Jerusalem – Western Wall

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Isaiah – Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Unlike Jeremiah and Ezekiel, the Prophet Isaiah did not begin his book with an account of his call to ministry. This he gives in chapter 6. Instead, he started with a probing examination of Judah’s present situation and gave a passionate plea for God’s people to return to the Lord.
–Be Comforted: Isaiah, by Warren W. Weirsbe

Read Isaiah Chapter 1
1. Whose vision is being laid out in this chapter? What was the vision concerning?

2. In verses 2 to 3, of whom is Isaiah speaking? What does he say of them?

3. In verse 4, how does he describe the nation of Israel? Why?

4. How is Israel described in verses 5 to 6?

5. What is the picture that is painted of the land in verses 7 to 8?

6. What do you learn about the LORD of hosts in verse 9? Why is this important?

7. Review Leviticus chapters 1 through 7. What is described in these chapters? Provide an overview or summary of the contents. What is the significance of these chapters?

8. What does God say of their sacrifices in verse 10 to 15? What is their problem?

9. What do the following verses teach?
□ Deuteronomy 6:6, 17

□ Deuteronomy 10:12

□ Deuteronomy 30:10

□ Psalm 24:3-4

□ Psalm 119:34

10. In verses 16 to 17, God suggests a remedy. List the things He tells them to do. What do you notice?

11. What do you learn from the following verses?
□ Psalm 34:14

□ Jeremiah 22:3

□ Micah 6:8



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