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Read Matthew Chapter 9:18-38
1. Who came to see Jesus according to Matthew 9:18?

2. What was the leader of the synagogue’s name according to Mark 5:22?

3. What does Jairus say to Jesus according to Matthew 9:18? What is his posture?

4. What is Jesus’ response according to Matthew 9:19?

5. What happened on Jesus’ way to Jairus’ house according to Matthew 9:20?

6. What are we told of the woman’s thoughts in Matthew 9:21?

7. What is Jesus’ response to her reaching out to touch Him according to Matthew 9:22? What happened to the woman?

8. What does Jesus see when he came to Jairus’ house according to Matthew 9:23? What was the significance of what he saw?

9. What does Jesus tell them in Matthew 9:24? How did the crowd respond to him?

10. What does Jesus do next according to Matthew 9:25? What happened to the young girl?

11. What do you learn from Matthew 9:26?

Going deeper: You can read the account of the healing of these two women in Mark 5:21-43 and Luke 8:40-56.

12. Who does Jesus encounter next according to Matthew 9:27? What are they crying out?

13. What does Jesus ask the blind men according to Matthew 9:28? How do they respond?

14. What does Jesus do next according to Matthew 9:29? What is the result?

15. What evidence of their faith can you see in the passage?

16. What stern warning does Jesus give them in Matthew 9:30? How do they respond?

17. Who is brought to Jesus according to Matthew 9:32?

18. What happened according to Matthew 9:33?

19. What was the response of the Pharisees?

20. What does Matthew tell us that Jesus was doing in Matthew 9:35-36?

21. Copy Matthew 9:37-38. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions. How is this still true today?

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