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Read Mark 14:32-42
1. Where did the disciples and Jesus go after supper?

2. What did Jesus want to do? Who did he take with Him?

3. What is Jesus’ prayer in Mark 14:36? What is the “cup” to which He is referring?

4. What were John, James & Peter doing while Jesus was praying?

5. Copy Jesus’ warning to them in Mark 14:38 here. How is this a warning to us as well?

6. What does Jesus tell the disciples is happening in Mark 14:41 when He returns to them the 3rd time?

Read Luke 22:39-46
7. According to Luke 22:44, what happened to Jesus while He was praying?

8. Who comes to strengthen Jesus according to Luke 22:43?

Read John 18:1-11
9. How did Judas know where to find Jesus?

10. What happened to the troops when Jesus identified Himself?

11. What does Jesus do in John 18:8?

Read Matthew 26:14-56
12. What do you learn about the disciple Judas from Matthew 26:14-16?

13. Matthew 26:48, what was the sign Judas would use to identify Jesus?

14. How does Judas address Jesus? What does this name mean?

15. How does Jesus address Judas? Why is that important?

16. Looking back at the betrayal, what does Peter say about it in Acts 1:16-20?

17. What happened in Matthew 26:51? What is Jesus’ response?

18. What does John 18:11 record of Jesus’ statements after Peter cuts of Malchus’ ear?

19. What did the disciples do when Jesus was arrested? Why is that important? How does that compare to their conduct in Acts 2?

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