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Read Matthew Chapter 20
1. What parable is Jesus telling in Matthew 20:1-16?

2. What is the spiritual message of the parable?

3. How can this parable be applied to our relationship with God and others?

4. Where was Jesus going according to Matthew 20:17?

5. What does Jesus tell them along the way according to Matthew 20:17-19?

6. Who comes to see Jesus according to Matthew 20:20? What are they asking for?

7. What does the mother of the sons of Zebedee ask in Matthew 20:21?

8. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 20:22-23?

9. What is the reaction of the other ten disciples according to Matthew 20:24?

10. How does Jesus respond to their reaction in Matthew 20:25-28?

11. Who was following them as they were leaving Jericho according to Matthew 20:29?

12. Who called out to them according to Matthew 20:29-30? What did they say to Jesus?

Going deeper: What was the significance of the men calling Jesus “Son of David?”

13. What is the reaction of the crowd?

14. The reaction of the two men?

15. What does Jesus say and do according to Matthew 20:32?

16. What is the response of the blind men in Matthew 20:33?

17. Copy Matthew 20:34. Meditate on this. How would the blind men have felt? The crowd? The disciples?

Going deeper: Where was ancient Jericho? First Century Jericho? What was it about Jericho in the first century that made it a place where their would be beggars (Matthew 20:30; Mark 10:46) and tax collectors (Luke 19:1)?

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