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Read Matthew Chapter 24
1. Where was Jesus according to Matthew 24:1?

2. Why would Jesus have been in the Temple (Sanctuary)?

3. What do His disciples point out to Him as they are leaving the Temple?

4. What does Jesus respond to them in Matthew 24:2? To what future event is He referring?

5. Where does Jesus go after He leaves the Temple according to Matthew 24:3? How far is this from the Temple?

6. What do the disciples begin asking Jesus according to Matthew 24:3?

7. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 24:4-5?

8. What signs or indicators does Jesus speak of in the following verses?
Matthew 24:6

Matthew 24:7-8

Matthew 24:9

Matthew 24:10

Matthew 24:11

Matthew 24:12

Matthew 24:15

9. Copy Matthew 24:13-14. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions.

10. What sign prophesied by the Prophet Daniel does Jesus say to look for in Matthew 24:15?

11. What application can we make from the teachings in this chapter?

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