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Read Matthew Chapter 18
1. Where is Jesus at the opening of Matthew chapter 18? How do you know?

2. What do the disciples ask Jesus in Matthew 18:1?

3. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 18:2-5?

4. Jesus goes on in Matthew 18:6-7 being a stumbling block to others. What warning does He give?

5. What is a millstone? Describe what it may have looked like. Who used this type of execution (fastening a millstone around the neck and throwing into the sea)?

6. What do you learn from the following verses?
Proverbs 6:12-19

Romans 14:13

7. Jesus lays out a radical teaching in Matthew 18:8-9. You may recall that he made a similar point in Matthew 5:29-30. What is the point He is trying to make?

8. What further comment about the children does Jesus make in Matthew 18:10?

9. What does Jesus teach about the shepherd and the 100 sheep in Matthew 18:12-14?

10. How does Jesus relate the story of the shepherd and the sheep to the children in Matthew 18:14?

11. Describe the procedure for church discipline that Jesus lays out in Matthew 18:15-17?

12. What teaching regarding the power of the disciples on earth does Jesus give in Matthew 18:18-20? Does this extend to current day believers? Explain your position providing scriptures to support your conclusion.

13. What question does Peter ask Jesus in Matthew 18:21?

14. What is Jesus’ response in Matthew 18:22?

15. What parable does Jesus give them regarding forgiveness in Matthew 18:23-35?

16. What do you learn about forgiveness from the following verses?
Mark 11:25

Luke 17:3

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