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Read Matthew Chapter 3
1. What does the phrase “in those days” refer to in Matthew 3:1?

2. What do you learn about John the Baptist in the following verses?
Mark 1:1-10

Mark 6:14-29

Luke 1:57-66; 80

3. What do these prophecies of John the Baptist add to your understanding of his life and mission?
Isaiah 40:2-4

Luke 1:67-79

4. How is John described in Matthew 3:4?

5. Who was coming to see John according to Matthew 3:5?

6. What was John doing at the river Jordan?

7. Where in Israel is the river Jordan located?

8. What other important events in the history of the Jewish people took place at or around the Jordan River?

9. What does John say to the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew 3:7-10 when they came for baptism?

Going deeper: Who are the Pharisees? Who are the Sadducees?

10. What is the nature of the baptism John is doing according to Matthew 3:11? Of the one who is coming?

11. Copy Matthew 3:12 here. Meditate on this record your thoughts and impressions. Review Jeremiah 15:3-9, the passage from which John quotes this prophecy of destruction. What is John’s meaning by using this prophecy?

12. From where is Jesus coming when He comes to John at the Jordan according to Matthew 3:13?

13. What is John’s reaction when Jesus comes to John to be baptized in Matthew 3:13-14?

14. Why do you think John responded that way to Jesus’ request to be baptized?

15. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 3:15?

16. Why do you think Jesus insisted on being baptized by John? Provide scripture if you can to support your response.

17. What happened when Jesus came up out of the water according to Matthew 3:16-17

18. What do you learn from the following verses?
Psalm 2:7

Isaiah 42:1

Hosea 11:1

19. Consider these other references to God speaking from heaven. What observations can you make?
Nehemiah 9:12-14

Psalm 18:12-14

Jeremiah 51:16

Daniel 4:31

20. What application can you make to your own life from Matthew chapter 3?

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