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Read Jonah Chapter 3
1. What command does God give to Jonah for the second time in Jonah 3:1-2?

2. How did Jonah respond the first time God gave this command in Jonah 1:1-2?

3. How does Jonah respond the second time according to Jonah 3:3?

4. Has this ever happened to you, e.g. that God gave you a command and the first time (maybe even several times) you ignored God and He had to bring a great storm or other consequence to your life? Explain.

5. Where was Ninevah?

6. Going deeper: What was the reputation of Ninevah at the time God sent Jonah there?

7. What do you learn of Ninevah from Jonah 3:3?

8. What does Jonah do when he enters the city according to Jonah 3:4?

9. What was the response to Jonah’s message according to Jonah 3:5-9?

10. Copy Jonah 3:10. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions.

11. What do you learn about God’s response to prayer from the following passages?
Numbers 11:1-3

Numbers 12:9-15

1 Chronicles 21:15


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