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Isaiah Chapter 7

Read 2 Kings Chapter 15:37
1. What is going on historically with Judah?

Read 2 Kings Chapter 16
2. What do you learn of King Ahaz from this chapter.

3. What do you learn about the historical events of the time from 2 Kings 16:5-10?

4. What do you learn about King Ahaz’ spiritual condition from 2 Kings 16:10-18?

Read Isaiah Chapter 7
5. What time reference is given in Isaiah 7:1?

6. What was told to the house of David?

7. What does “the house of David” refer to? You may need to consult with a study Bible, Bible Dictionary or other outside source to answer.

8. What is Isaiah told to do in Isaiah 7:3-9?

9. Copy Isaiah 7:4a here. Meditate on this message of hope. Record any thoughts or observations.

10 What do you learn from the following verses?
□ Deuteronomy 31:8

□ Joshua 1:9

□ Isaiah 41:10; 13-14

□ Isaiah 43:1

□ Luke 12:32

11. What does God tell Ahaz to do in Isaiah 7:11? What is his response in Isaiah 7:12?

12. What does God say will happen to the house of David in Isaiah 7:17-25?

Isaiah delivered this prophecy in 734 B.C. In 732 B.C., Assyria defeated Syria; and in 722 IB.C., Assyria invaded the Northern Kingdom. The prophecy was fulfilled.
-–W.W. Weirsbe, Be Comforted: Isaiah

13. Review Isaiah 7:14-15. What is God promising in this verse? Who fulfilled this promise?


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