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Leviticus Chapter 4

Read Leviticus Chapter 4
1. What is required for a sin offering?

2. What do the following verses tell you about sin?
□ Psalm 32:1

□ Psalm 32:5

□ Mark 9:47

□ Proverbs 28:13

3. According to 1 John 1:9, what is the New Testament way to deal with sin?

4. What do you learn from these verses?
□ Romans 6:14

□ Romans 6:22

□ Romans 8:2

5. What sin is there in your life that you are allowing to go unconfessed. Ask the LORD to search your heart and reveal your sin to you. Keep short accounts with God. Be quick to turn to Him and confess your sins, so you might be restored to fellowship with God.

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