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Isaiah Chapter 49

Read Isaiah Chapter 49
1. Who is speaking in Isaiah 49:1-7? How do you know?

2. What do you learn of Messiah from Isaiah 49:6?

3. What promise is embedded in Isaiah 49:6?

4. Read Isaiah 49:7 over again (perhaps several times). What do you learn from this verse?

5. Re-read Isaiah 49:8-13. What promises does God make in this section of the chapter? Provide references.

6. Who/what is doing the praising in Isaiah 49:13?

7. What is the response of Zion (Israel) according to Isaiah 49:14?

8. How does God respond in Isaiah 49:15-23?

9. Copy Isaiah 49:23b (last sentence of the verse) here. Meditate on it. What do you see?

10. What do you learn from Isaiah 49:25-26? How do you feel when you read those verses?


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