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Read Matthew Chapter 19
1. Where does Jesus go according to Matthew 19:1?

2. Who followed Him? What did He do?

3. What question do the Pharisees ask Jesus according to Matthew 19:3?

4. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 19:4-6?

5. What follow up question do they ask Jesus?

6. Record Jesus’ response in Matthew 19:8-9.

7. What do you learn about divorce from Deuteronomy 24:1-4?

8. How does Jesus respond when His disciples conclude based on His teaching that it is better not to marry in Matthew 19:11-12?

9. How does Paul further illuminates the issues related to marriage and divorce in 1 Corinthians 7:10-16?

10. Who is brought to Jesus according to Matthew 19:13? Why?

11. How do the disciples respond?

12. Copy Matthew 19:14. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions.

13. What question is Jesus asked according to Matthew 19:16?

14. What is Jesus’ response in Matthew 19:17?

15. What is the follow up question in Matthew 19:18?

16. What is Jesus’ response in Matthew 19:18-19?

17. How does the young man respond in Matthew 19:20?

18. What is Jesus’ response in Matthew 19:21?

19. How does the man respond according to Matthew 19:22? Why?

20. Which commandments does Jesus omit in the list He gives in Matthew 19:18-19? (See Exodus 20) What do those have to do with what Jesus told the man in Matthew 19:21?

21. What does Jesus tell His disciples in Matthew 19:23-24?

22. What is the response of the disciples according to Matthew 19:25?

23. Copy Jesus’ response from Matthew 19:26. Meditate on this. Reflect on how this truth impacts or has impacted your faith, your life.

24. What is Peter’s concern in Matthew 19:27?

25. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 19:28-20? How does this apply to us today?

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