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Read Matthew Chapter 11
1. What does Jesus do after He instructs the disciples according to Matthew 11:1?

2. What does John the Baptist do when he hears about what Jesus is doing according to Matthew 11:2-3?

Going deeper: Where was John the Baptist imprisoned?

3. How does Jesus respond in Matthew 11:4-6? What is the importance of these things they are seeing Jesus do?

Going deeper: Review the following scriptures which describe the things Messiah will do when He comes. How are the following passages relevant to what Jesus is telling John? Isaiah 35:4-6, Isaiah 29:18-19.

4. Who is Jesus talking about in Matthew 11:7-10?

5. Copy Malachi 3:1. Meditate on this record your thoughts and impressions on this and Matthew 11:10.

6. What does Jesus say about John the Baptist in Matthew 11:11-15?

7. What comparison does Jesus make in Matthew 11:16-17? What is the meaning He is trying to convey?

Going deeper: The phrase “to what shall I liken” was often used by rabbis when they were telling a parable.

8. What comparison does Jesus make in Matthew 11:18-19?

9. Where was Chorazin located in Israel at the time of Jesus?

10. Where was Bethsaida located in Israel at the time of Jesus?

11. What does Jesus say of Chorazin and Bethsaida in Matthew 11:20-24?

12. What is the significance of Jesus’ mention of Tyre and Sidon? According to Jesus, how would their reaction be different from the other cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum?

13. Copy Isaiah 14:11. How does this relate to Jesus’s statements regarding Capernaum in Matthew 11:23?

14. What is Jesus’ prayer in Matthew 11:25-26?

15. Restate in your own words the truths you find in Matthew 11:27.

16. Copy Matthew 11:28-30. Meditate on this. Record your thoughts and impressions.

Going deeper: What would the “yoke” mean to an observant Jew in the time of Jesus? How does that influence how we understand this passage?

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