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Read Matthew Chapter 15
1. Who came to Jesus according to Matthew 15:1? What did they ask him?

2. How does he respond in Matthew 15:3-7? What is his point?

3. Who does Jesus quote in Matthew 15:8-9? To whom was that message originally addressed? What was their relationship to God? Why?

4. Who does Jesus call to himself according to Matthew 15:10? What does He tell them? What is His point?

5. How does Jesus answer His disciples when they ask him about the Pharisees being offended at his teaching in Matthew 15:13-14?

6. What does Peter ask Jesus to do according to Matthew 15:15? What is Jesus’ response in Matthew 15:16-20?

7. Where does Jesus go according to Matthew 15:21? Where is this located in Israel?

8. Who comes and cries out to Jesus according to Matthew 15:22? What does she tell him?

9. How does He respond to her according to Matthew 15:23?

10. What do Jesus’ disciples want him to do according to Matthew 15:23?

11. How does Jesus respond according to Matthew 15:24?

12. How does the woman respond in Matthew 15:25?

13. What does Jesus answer her in Matthew 15:28

14. Where does Jesus go from there according to Matthew 15:29?

15. Who comes to Jesus according to Matthew 15:30? What does He do?

16. What is the response of the multitude according to Matthew 15:31? Why?

17. What does Jesus tell his disciples in Matthew 15:32?

18. How do the disciples respond?

19. What does Jesus ask them in Matthew 15:34? How do they respond?

20. What does Jesus do next according to Matthew 15:35-36?

21. How many people ate the seven loaves and few little fish? What was left over?

22. What does Jesus do next according to Matthew 15:39?


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