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Read Micah Chapter 3
1. Whom is Micah addressing in Micah 3:1?

2. What does he accuse them of in Micah 3:2-3?

3. What does Micah say will happen to them in Micah 3:4?

4. What is God’s message to the prophets in Micah 3:5-6?

5. What does God say to the seers and diviners in Micah 3:7?

6. What prophecy is given in Micah 3:8-12?

7. What do you learn of false prophets from the following verses?
Isaiah 41:28-29

Isaiah 44:24-26

Jeremiah 7:4

Jeremiah 14:13-14

Jeremiah 23:16

Ezekiel 13:15-17

Matthew 24:24

2 Peter 2:1

1 John 4:1

8. What application can you make from these chapters regarding false teachers and prophets?


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