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Before we begin our study of the short book of the Minor Prophet Obadiah, we will do a brief study of the background of this book.

1. Who is the author of the book of Obadiah?

2. When was this book written?

3. Who was the original intended audience for this book? How do you know?

4. To which Kingdom did Obadiah prophesy, Northern or Southern?

5. To which king(s) did Obadiah minister during his career?

6. What does the name “Obadiah” mean?


Flowers in Jerusalem


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Read Hosea Chapter 1
1. What does the name “Hosea” mean? Why is that significant?

2. What do you learn of Hosea in each of the following passages?
Hosea 1:1

Hosea 1:3

Matthew 2:15

Romans 9:25
3. What did the LORD tell Hosea to do according to Hosea 1:2? Why? Why might this have been hard for Hosea?

4. Who did Hosea marry?

5. What does God tell Hosea to name his son in Hosea 1:4? Why?

6. What does God promise Israel in Hosea 1:4-5?

7. What does the LORD tell Hosea to name his daughter in Hosea 1:6? What does the name mean? Why does God ask this of Hosea?

8. What does God promise to Judah (Southern Kingdom) in Hosea 1:7?

9. What does the tell Hosea to name the second son born to Gomer in Hosea 1:9? What does the name mean? Why does God want this name?

10. What prophecy does God speak through Hosea in Hosea 1:10-11?

11. What promises does God make to His people in the following verses?
Genesis 22:17

Exodus 6:7

Isaiah 35:4

Romans 9:20-28

12. What application can be made to your life from this first chapter of Hosea?



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