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Recently, a woman I have known for over 20 years became a believer in Christ.  By her own words, she was “born again.”  I was deeply impacted by her conversion.

My friend and I ware both small business owners and have dealt primarily with each other in that capacity.  Through the years that I have been going to her business, I have not kept my relationship with Christ a secret.  I shared with her what was going on in my life, what my husband and I were doing in ministry and invited her to church-related events.  Although I did pray for her and her family over the years, I am sad to say, I never asked her if she wanted to be born again.

But GOD . . . He sent another to lead her to Christ.  The first time I saw her after she got saved, she told me with great excitement.  I could see the change.  I could sense her hunger.  I met with her that very day and  began to answer her questions about the Bible .  She was very grateful.

But that was so little to give her for what she brought to me.  Through her, I heard God speaking to me.  “Out of the world, I continue to pluck them.  One by one I will claim them from wherever they are.  I am not finished the work of saving.”

I felt so amazed.  In the brightness of her excitement about God and all the things of God, I was humbled.  For surely God had done this thing and had let me see it.  I am so grateful.  I pray to be in the path of many more new believers.  They give off such a pleasant aroma . . . the aroma of God.

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