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Read Joshua Chapter 6
1. How is Jericho described in Joshua 6:1?

2. What does the LORD tell Joshua in Joshua 6:2?

3. What is the battle strategy the LORD lays out in Joshua 6:3-5? What is your impression of this strategy?

4. Describe what happens on the seventh day according to Joshua 6:15-21?

5. What application can you make from this passage of scripture to your own spiritual battles?

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Read Joshua Chapter 5
1. What did God do for the children of Israel according to Joshua 5:1?

2. Before battling the enemies in Jericho, what does God have the children of Israel do in Joshua 5:2-9? How might this have caused them anxiety?

3. What else does God have them do according to Joshua 5:10-11? What might have been the purpose of this?

4. Who does Joshua meet according to Joshua 5:13-15?

5. What does Joshua ask him in Joshua 5:13? What is the response?

6. What is Joshua’s response in Joshua 5:14?

7. What does the Commander of the LORD’s army tell him in Joshua 5:15? What does this tell you about the identity of the speaker?

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