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Read Mark 15:21-32; John 19:17-37

  1. Who was compelled to help Jesus by carrying His cross?
  2. What was written on Jesus’s cross? In what language? How did the Jewish leaders react to this? Pilate’s response?
  3. What do verse John 19:23-24 say the soldiers did with Jesus’ clothing?
  4. Copy Psalm 22:18 (A Psalm of David) here. What do you learn from this?
  5. Read Luke 23 Who was crucified at the same time as Jesus? How were their crosses arranged, i.e. Where was Jesus in relation to the others?
  6. What takes place between Jesus and one of the criminals in Luke 23:40-43? What important lessons can we learn from this encounter?
  7. What does Isaiah 53:12 say? How is this relevant?
  8. Write the 4 things Jesus said from the cross according to John 19:26-28, and 30. Why is each statement significant?

Read Matt 27:38-55.

  1. According to Matthew 27:38-44, the mocking of Jesus continued on the cross. Give some examples from this passage.
  2. What natural phenomenon occurred from the 6th through the 9th hour?
  3. Record Jesus’ cry from the cross in Matthew 27:46. What did it mean? Why do you think He cried out that way?
  4. What happened in the temple at the time of Jesus’ death according to Matthew 27:51 and Luke 23:45? What was the significance of that? What was behind the veil?
  5. Read Isaiah 53. List 5 verses that show this prophet, who lived 700 years
    before Christ, is talking about Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. Explain.
  6. Read Psalm 22. Which portions of the Psalm tell of Jesus’ death on the cross. Quote several of the sections.

Note: Psalm 22 is a Psalm of David. David lived one thousand years before Jesus Christ was born

The Passion of the Christ

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