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Read Psalm 5
Because the Psalm is short, try to read it over several times during the week. Maybe even in different translations.

Psalm 5 is considered an individual lament psalm because it is a cry for help to God in a time of distress.

1. What background and/or historical knowledge do you have for this Psalm?

2. What is the Psalmist asking of God in the opening verses?

3. What does David (Psalmist here) have to say about God’s conduct and character? (Verses 3-6)

4. How does David describe his time with God? (Verses 7-8)

5. How does David describe his adversaries?
Going Deeper: From what you know of his life, who were some of David’s adversaries?

6. What do you learn about David from this Psalm? God? Believers (those who love God/righteous)?

7. What application can you make to your own life?


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