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Read Matthew 21
1. Where are Jesus and the disciples in Matthew 21:1?

2. Where is Jerusalem in Israel?

3. Where was Bethphage located in relationship to the Mount of Olives? Bethany?

4. What instructions does Jesus give to two disciples in Matthew 21:2-3?

5. Why did Jesus do this according to Matthew 21:4-5?

6. Which prophet is being quoted in Matthew 21:5?

Going deeper: What is the significance of a King riding into a city on a donkey versus riding in on a horse?

7. What did the disciples do according to Matthew 21:6-7?

8. What happened next according to Matthew 21:8-9?

9. What were the people in the crowd shouting? What is the significance of these phrases?

Going deeper: What were the hallel psalms? When were they sung? How do they related to this story of Jesus entering Jerusalem?

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