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Isaiah Chapter 48

Read Isaiah 48
1. Who is Isaiah speaking to in Isaiah 48:1? What do you learn of them from the verse?

2. What does God declare that He did in Isaiah 48:3-5? Why does He say that He did this?

3. What does God declare that He knew about Israel in Isaiah 48:8?

4. Why does God say He will put off His anger towards Israel?

5. What does God say of Israel in Isaiah 48:10

6. What is the reason that God gives for what He has done in Isaiah 48:11?

7. Copy Isaiah 48:12. Mediate on this. What do you see?

8. What do you learn from the following verses?
□ Isaiah 41:4

□ Isaiah 44:6

□ Revelation 1:17

□ Revelation 22:13

9. What does God say that He did in Isaiah 48:13?

10. What does God say in Isaiah 48: 14-16 of those who declare the things in the verses before?

11. Who is speaking is Isaiah 48:16?

12. What do you learn about God from Isaiah 48:17-19?

13. What is God saying to Israel, those in captivity, in Isaiah 48:20-21?


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