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Isaiah realized the corruption of his own heart when he saw himself in the light of Jehovah’s infinite holiness. Such is the case whenever man is brought consciously into the presence of God.
–Ironside Commentaries: Isaiah, by H.A. Ironside

Re-Read Isaiah Chapter 6

1. What do you notice about Isaiah’s response in Isaiah 6:5 to what came before in Isaiah 6:1-4?

2. What similarities to Isaiah 6:5 do you see in the following verses?
□ Job 42:5-6
□ Daniel 10:8-18
□ Luke 5:8
□ Revelation 1:17

3. What do the following verses teach about the source of unclean lips?
□ Psalm 19:14
□ Matthew 12:34
□ Luke 6:45

4. What solution does God provide for Isaiah’s realization that he is a man of unclean lips?

5. What follows Isaiah’s cleansing? In Isaiah 6:8?

6. Contrast Isaiah’s response to the call to Moses in Exodus 4:10-17 and Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:4-10. What do you see?

7. What commission does God give Isaiah in Isaiah 6:9-10

8. What question does Isaiah ask in Isaiah 6:11? What is God’s response?

9. What calling has God given to you in your life so far? How do you know? Have you walked it out? Explain.


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