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It is in the heart of every man and woman to question God. It is His longsuffering and mercy that lull us into the sense that it is our right to question Him. Those of us raised in America have “authority-challenge” in our blood.

We desire to rail against God and alternately plead with Him when situations go out of our control, beyond our resources–like in a global pandemic. We want to rush into His presence and have our say.

But how can a sinful person be in the presence of a holy God?

But without the shedding of blood, there is no atonement for sin. (Leviticus 17:11) Without atonement for sin, there is no approaching a holy God. Without a way to approach God, we are left shouting our complaints and pleas to the ceiling, to the social media abyss.

The only way to approach God is on His terms, in the way He has defined. It is only blood that can open the way–blood of an acceptable sacrifice. One might ask if an animal sacrifice will suffice–not if you don’t have a God-ordained place to offer it. No sanctuary–no sacrifice.

What hope is left? One sacrifice has been accepted by God–the blood shed by Jesus the Christ. He was without sin and offered His life as payment for the sins of the whole world.

If you believe He was who He said He was–the Son of God (God incarnate) and that He died sacrificially for the sins of all men, then when you acknowledge your condition–separated from God by your sin, you can come under the covering of His blood and be cleansed of your sin and acceptable in the sight of God. You need only believe. No works are required.

Believe and be saved.


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