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Israel 2022

We just returned from our second tour to Israel with Rooted in His Word. The tour, Dan to Beersheva, was a success despite the hurdles that we had to overcome to get to Israel. First of all, there was the two-year wait. The immediate hurdles included insurance for Covid, the entry form and then the PCR test before leaving the United States and then the PCR test upon entry into Israel. I can say that I had more Covid tests in the two weeks surrounding my trip to Israel than I ever had before. But looking past all of that, I can tell  you that it was worth it. It will always be worth whatever the cost to get to the Holy Land and be inspired in your walk of faith with the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Before getting started on our journey across, through and over the land of the Bible, we spent our first night in Tel Aviv. After a fourteen-plus hour direct flight (which is the only way to fly there), the Mediterranean offers just the balm for the soul that you need. We had dinner at one of many restaurants along the water front. It happened to be a kosher restaurant, but there were other options. Overnight we stayed a cute little boutique hotel a couple blocks from the port of Tel Aviv.


Port of Tel Aviv, Israel
Fresh meal right on the water
Sunset over the Mediterranean

Sunset over Tel Aviv, Israel

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