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Read Mark 15:37-47

  1. What is the reaction of the centurion who stood watching the crucifixion after Jesus died?
  2. Who else was looking on according to Mark’s gospel?

Read Luke 23:44-56

  1. What was the reaction of the crowd to the death of Jesus according to Luke?
  2. Who was not present at the foot of the cross? Why?
  3. Read Psalm 34:20 and compare it to John 19:36. Why is this similarity significant?
  4. Read Exodus 12:46 (See also Numbers 9:12). According to John 19:36, why were none of Jesus’ bones broken?
  5. Read Zechariah 12:10. Zechariah lived in approximately 520 B.C. Why is this significant?
  6. Read Isaiah 61. Why did Jesus the Christ (the Messiah) come? List at least 4 reasons from Isaiah 61.

Note: Isaiah lived in approximately 760 B.C.

  1. At the cross, we see several different types of people. First of all we have the women who followed Jesus accompanied by John. Second, we have the Roman soldiers and the Roman Centurion (supervising soldier), Third, we have the religious leaders, watching as their threat is (apparently) eliminated. And Fourth, we have the mockers. Compare these four groups of people. Observe how they are all alike. Describe their differences. Describe how each is changed at the foot of the cross. Describe how each group leaves the cross.
  2. We, before we knew Christ, belonged to one of these groups. Which one did you identify with? Religious? Mocker? Rule keeper? Broken and hopeless? Explain.

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